Reach a New Level of Artistic Mastery in a Supportive Environment

The Religious Academy is an interfaith art school that focuses on representational art inspired by scenes from Jesus' life.

✓ Reach new levels of mastery
✓ Take Classes Virtually or In-Person
✓ Participate in Shows

We understand how it feels to not have a place and resources that focus on religious art. We make our focus Biblical art and teach in an environment of transformation both of craft and spirit.

Do you struggle with:

  • Finding other artists helping you improve your art?
  • Finding art classes that are of high value?
  • Connecting with other Christian artists?
  • Hitting a wall with cost prohibitive classes that are not flexible?

Creating is a spiritual endeavor that is much better in community.​

Find a community of like-minded artists and teachers

Our mission is to teach students how to create masterpieces of art and show their talent as they develop in order to give them confidence and mastery. We have a comprehensive curriculum for this mastery with incentives and exposure to attain this throughout the Christian community.


Take Classes from Professionals

Founders Paul Grass and John Stadler have deep beliefs in religious art and encourage a relationship with Christ for studies. You have access to multiple professional artists who teach you the methods they use to be successful 


Be Fostered in Creating Excellent Art

We understand how it feels to not have a place and resources that focus on religious art. We make our focus Biblical art and teach in an environment of transformation both of craft and spirit.

Have Opportunities to Show and Connect

Put yourself in shows that we have that help students succeed. Feel better about balancing Art with important things in life. Many of our students have sold work and have been recipients of commisions.

Old Masters Meet New Technology


There are very few Art Academies that teach people excellent drawing and Painting skills while nurturing and helping fortify their belief in Jesus Christ. With the invention of the Internet we can harness believers worldwide that have a great propensity and desire to Draw and Paint Jesus’ life. We have the ability to network with Christians worldwide as well as believers worldwide in a system that can help each student succeed.

Paul Grass

Paul Grass


John Stadler


John Stadler

What our Students have to Say

These classes are really good … it pushes me to work harder on my art, no matter what type of material I’m using.

Whether it’s acrylic, pencil, oil, or watercolor my abilities have grown a lot. Thank You!
Joanna, Student
Before I wasn’t that motivated to do art. I would do it whenever I felt like it. After I started I would draw and paint all the time….. I’ve seen myself improve a lot. His classes are fun and every time I learn to do new things. It has also given me a chance to see the artist world and how I can put my work out there. I really enjoy it.
Anna, Student
I was trying to The Religious Academy because it is faith-based.... I paint from my imagination without reference and felt that my figures could use some improvement. I have been studying anatomy with Paul Grass for over a year now. My confidence and speed in figures has skyrocketed.
Denise, Student
don’t wait any longer

Transform Your Skills and Your Faith

7 artists. 7 stories. 7 cities.

The Bible Art Tour

2022 Tour

United States and Europe
Each year our organization does an Art Exhibit developed from a passage in the Bible intended to bring awareness of God’s hand in our lives. We either relate the passage to history or contemporary issues. This year’s them is “Given Unto Them Beauty From Ashes, Christian Acts of Kindness From The German People Circa WW2.”

Helmuth Hübener

Cassandra Breck

16×20 Acrylic Painting
Original $2500

Prints Available

Unofficial Christmas Truce

John Stadler

WW1- 1914

Unofficial Christmas Truce

16″ x 20″  in oils

Original $3700

Seven Sacred Images of Our Savior

United States and Europe

At each event, where permissable, we exhibit seven selected Images of Jesus from our Community as to get people thinking about Christ.

His Arm is Extended Still

Amy Brailsford

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